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Mindzai gives artists a great platform to showcase their work, while providing customers the hottest products.


Mindzai also makes DIY toys: small blank dolls on which artists can unleash their creativity. Founder Chris Tsang realized that, while a $500 canvas isn’t affordable for everyone, the $10 DIY toys are accessible and original, allowing artists to exercise their imagination in a new way.


It’s fitting that M


indzai means just that: what your mind sees — your imagination.

We started Mindzai in 2006, it wasn’t always a shop, it was a blog before, and we met some great artists along the way.

Where I had the most fun was just trying to make a difference in other artists’ life. I wanted to do something to really help that creative world so we started Mindzai Creative Shop.

We wanted to sell something awesome, sell something creative so we started to pick toys, and do designer toys was just this awesome scene that we started to get into. Traditionally artists like to use wood canvas, printed canvas, or just a blank canvas to paint on.

A blank DIY toy is just another canvas. It just allows them to express their creativity in another way, and generally I find that you see something more fun and you see something different come out of the artists mind.

I love how these little toys are because not everybody can buy a $500 canvas, but almost anybody can buy a ten dollar little piece of art. It’s not a toy anymore, it’s something they want to put on their shelf and treasure.